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Almond Milk vs. Soy Milk

Almond Milk Vs Soy Milk

These days, people are becoming more health conscious and are practicing healthier lifestyles, which include proper intake of healthy food and drinks. Milk is one of the most nutritious drinks, but not everyone can drink it due to being lactose intolerant, diabetic, or allergic to it. Two of the most popular dairy milk alternatives are almond milk and soy milk and it is impossible not to compare the two, leading to many almond milk vs soy milk debates. Is one healthier than the other? Which tastes better? What are the similarities and differences of soy milk vs almond milk?

Nutritional comparison of almond milk vs soy milk

If you’re on a diet or would like to lose some weight, drink more of almond milk because it has fewer calories than soy milk. One cup of unsweetened or unflavoured almond milk has only about 40 calories, which is half of the calorie content in a cup of soy milk. Even so, the fats in both kinds of milk have the same healthy benefits because they are composed of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that help in decreasing bad cholesterol levels, reducing blood pressure, and protecting the body from neurological and cardiovascular diseases. However, almond milk is free from saturated fat, while soy milk has some.

In terms of protein content, soy wins the almond milk vs soy milk debate, albeit by only a small margin. Soy milk has about 7 grams vs 4 grams in almond milk. Nevertheless, if your goal is to have more defined and ripped muscles, then you need more protein and soy milk is the drink for you.

If it’s fiber you need, then it’s a tie between soy milk vs almond milk. Both have a rich concentration of fibre, although the actual amount depends on the richness and fortification level in both kinds of milk. In addition, there is also almost no contest between almond milk vs soy milk when it comes to B vitamins. B vitamins are essential in the body’s metabolism to effectively burn calories and fat.

Another nutritional similarity of the two is they are both rich in important minerals like magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, and phosphorus. These essential minerals play a huge role in controlling blood pressure, maintaining proper oxygen absorption in the blood, and protecting the body against a lot of diseases. Almond milk has the upper hand though, when it comes to manganese and Vitamin E, which makes it the drink of choice if you want to be protected against cancer and have better-looking skin. Moreover, soy milk is usually fortified with other vitamins and minerals, compared to almond milk that is naturally rich in them.


When it comes to usage, the battle between almond milk vs soy milk can also be a little even. Soy milk is recommended for people who are past the age of 50 because it can highly benefit menopausal women as well as prevent prostate cancer among men. Almond milk, on the other hand, is recommended more for people in their reproductive years as soy milk affects progesterone levels found in the blood of pregnant women and may lead to decreased fertility rates as well as lower sperm count levels among men. In addition, cancer patients who are undergoing chemo therapy are also advised to drink almond milk instead of soy milk because sterol found in soy may counteract the effects of the treatment.

Allergies and other side effects

Generally, almond milk and soy milk are alternatives for dairy milk, but they can also be compared based on the allergies or side effects they can have on certain people. Soy allergies are more common, especially among children and the effects are pretty serious. People who have soy allergies can experience diarrhoea, vomiting, swelling, and hives if they ingest soy milk. On the other hand, if you are allergic to peaches and tree nuts, then you should not drink almond milk. Aside from similar effects resulting from soy milk ingestion, people who have nut allergies can have fatal respiratory difficulties that lead to inadequate oxygen levels and airway congestion. It is clear that before choosing between almond milk vs soy milk, you need to be aware of any allergies you may have.

The battle between almond milk vs soy milk is a close fight, but the former trumps the latter in terms of being a naturally rich source of various vitamins and minerals that are often fortified in soy milk. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but they can also be of great use depending on your physical need or goal. Just make sure that you aren’t allergic to whichever milk you decide to drink.

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