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Almond Milk Smoothie Recipe

Almond Milk Smoothie

A great alternative to dairy milk is almond milk – a kind of milk that is made with almonds and water. It is healthier than dairy milk because aside from being a rich natural source of essential vitamins and minerals, almond milk contains no cholesterol and is low in sugar. Aside from drinking it, almond milk can also be used in cooking and baking both savory and sweet dishes and drinks and that includes preparing an almond milk smoothie!

Smoothies are considered healthy drinks because they are usually made from fresh fruits and vegetables like mangoes, bananas, strawberries, carrots, etc. Their consistency is similar to milkshakes and slush drinks and they are as refreshing, but healthier. When you use almond milk to make a smoothie, it becomes even healthier and more delicious! Plus, it’s quite easy to make your own almond milk smoothie and there are a lot of recipes to choose from that you can make it a goal to try all of them! You can mix and match ingredients according to your preference, so not only do you get to drink something healthy, you can also have fun making it!

Ingredients and Equipment

The resulting smoothie of this recipe will not just satisfy your thirst, it will also make you feel full because of its various ingredients, particularly the oats. In a way, it is like a type of food that you drink instead of eating it. In any case, you’ll find yourself chewing some bits of fruits, nuts, and seeds while taking this smoothie. You will need the following ingredients:

8 almonds (no need to remove their skins)

2 tablespoons of oats

1 tablespoon of pumpkin or flax seeds

1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds

1 medium sized banana

1 kiwifruit

2 huge handfuls of berries (based on your preference or whichever is in season)

3 tablespoons of natural and plain yogurt

250 ml almond milk

Other flavourings and sweeteners (honey, almond extract, nectar, maple syrup, etc) are optional.

For your equipment, you’ll need just a blender or a smoothie machine and some tall ice cream flutes.

Making your Almond Milk Smoothie

If you choose to make your own almond milk, do that first. Soak a cup of almonds overnight or longer, rinse them, and blend them with two cups of water. Filter the mixture and set aside.

Blend together the almonds, oats, and seeds. Blend them into a fine texture using a smoothie machine or blender. You then add the banana, berries, kiwi, yogurt, almond milk, and sweetener or flavouring of your choice until the mixture becomes smooth. Use a small drop of almond extract to make the smoothie taste like candy!

If you want a nuttier or an almond milk smoothie that has a chewy texture, you can opt to add the almonds after you make the actual smoothie or just top it with crushed almonds (or even the almond meal from homemade almond milk) or seeds of your choice. You can also decrease the blending time of the mixture so the nuts, seeds, and fruits can be a little more solid. Again, people’s tastes vary so you can experiment on the type of texture and flavour of your smoothie.

Pour the completed mixture into a tall ice cream flute and enjoy your drink or store it in the fridge for future consumption or if you want it to be colder (although you can also blend in some ice when making it so you can have a cold drink right away).

Nutritional Content and Benefits

Almond milk alone already has various nutrients that the body can benefit from, what more from the other ingredients? A cup of almond milk is around 240 ml and it already contains protein, unsaturated fat, magnesium, selenium, manganese, calcium, and Vitamin E.

For an almond milk smoothie, the calories and nutritional content will depend on the other ingredients you use, but generally, it is quite a healthy drink. A serving is roughly around 16 ounces and has at least 180 calories. Berries are good sources of antioxidants that are good for the cells, so use as much as you want when making this smoothie. With the banana, you get Vitamin B for energy, potassium for proper cell function, fiber for good digestion, and even Vitamin C for boosting immunity. Oats lower cholesterol and reduce the chances of having heart diseases. From pumpkin seeds, you can get zinc for growth and from sunflower seeds, you linoleic acid, amino acids, fiber, and B vitamins. Finally, vitamins C, E, and K are found in the kiwifruit.

Basically, it is you who determine how healthy your almond milk smoothie will be, so make this delicious drink as often as you want!


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