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Almond Milk Benefits

Almond Milk Benefits

People are encouraged to drink milk even when they are past their growing years because milk has a lot of stuff that is good for their health. However, not everyone can drink dairy milk because they are either lactose intolerant or have dairy milk allergies, so almond milk has become one of the alternatives for those people. If you’re one of those who still ask, “Is almond milk healthy?” you don’t have to be doubtful anymore because the number of almond milk benefits can be as helpful as dairy milk’s or even more. Is almond milk good for you? Read on.


There are people aren’t really allergic to milk or aren’t lactose intolerant, but they simply dislike the taste of milk. Some find it too creamy or too thick, or just plain tasting. Part of the list of almond milk benefits is its taste that can appeal to even the pickiest milk drinker. It has a nutty but not gritty texture, light consistency, and a crisp, clean flavour that can still be mixed in drinks like coffee and tea or be used in cooking or baking, just like regular milk.

Weight management

A cup of plain almond milk (unsweetened and no other flavourings added) has only about 60 calories, while a cup of daily milk has 103 calories. Even if it is skimmed, fat free, or non-fat milk, almond milk still has fewer calories than any of those kinds of dairy milk! Hence, one of the best almond milk benefits for weight watchers and those on a diet is its low calorie content, which is great for losing weight or maintaining an ideal one.


Having high cholesterol levels is bad for the body, especially the heart. Cholesterol comes mostly from fatty food, and dairy milk has a great amount of fat that can have drastic effects on the body especially if you drink it regularly. Almond milk, on the other hand, is free from cholesterol and has a lower amount of sodium, enabling the drinker to maintain proper heart health as well as blood pressure.

Low sugar

Another great thing about almond milk is the fact that it is low in sugar at only 7 grams per cup of this unsweetened and unflavoured drink. That amount does not have a significant effect on people’s blood sugar levels. Almond milk sugars are fully digested and easily transformed into energy because of their low glycemic nature. So aside from being diet-friendly, almond milk benefits people with diabetes as well.

Bone health

Calcium is essential for the development and strengthening of our bones and almond milk is a great source of calcium! One cup of almond milk has around 300 mg of calcium, which is almost the same amount as in dairy milk. The amount is also equivalent to 30% of the recommended daily intake of calcium the body needs. Aside from benefitting our bones, calcium is also essential in regulating blood pressure and the contraction of our muscles. Moreover, aside from calcium, almond milk also has Vitamin D that works with calcium in building stronger bones, improving immunity and cell function, and decreasing the chances of having osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Muscle power

If you’re a body builder, an athlete, or someone who just wants to gain more muscle power, almond milk can help you! It is rich in protein and riboflavin, both of which increase the Vitamin B and iron levels in your body, which are good for the absorption of oxygen and protein needed for energizing the body, growing muscles, and repairing cells. Combine drinking almond milk with enough and proper exercise, and you’ll soon have the muscled body you desire.

Easy to make

Unlike dairy milk which involves a lot of processes like milking cows and pasteurizing the milk, you can easily make your own almond milk! You just need almonds and water (with a sweetener or flavouring if you wish), blend them together, and voilà! Making almond milk is also cheaper than buying any kind of milk that’s already pre-packed in cartons.

Other almond milk benefits

If you’re still asking, “Is almond milk healthy?” here are more facts about it:

It is rich in other essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients like Vitamin A for good eyesight and Vitamin E for skin care. Both vitamins also act as antioxidants that enhance immunity and protect tissues and cells. Almond milk also has potassium, which promotes healthy blood pressure.

When you make your own almond milk, the pulp or the residue can be used in cooking or baking! Nothing goes to waste! You can use it as garnish or mix it into drinks for an additional nutty texture and flavour.

Store bought almond milk has a longer shelf life than dairy milk, so spoilage can be averted. In fact, it doesn’t have to be refrigerated so you can take it on long trips as a form of refreshment.

There are many other almond milk benefits and it’s up to you to discover them. Instead of doubting it, try drinking it today and answer the question, “Is almond milk good for you?”

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